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David A. Daniels
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United States
My name is David A. Daniels, and my gamertag is Slynkee88. I am a Christian first and foremost, an artist second, and a geek third. As a Christian, I stand by God as my best friend. As an artist, I love photography and take photographs of many different things (primarily things I find to have a beauty about them), I enjoy creating my own characters, worlds and stories, I love writing song lyrics, and I even draw a little. As a geek, I absolutely love Star Wars, I am a fan of Marvel Comics mainstream continuity comic books, I am a moderate gamer with an appreciation for the classics, I love cosplay (though I cannot financially afford to participate as of yet), and when my wallet allows it I am a collector of Star Wars memorabilia and Pokémon cards.

Brief backstory for my toon, Sírie.

     Born 3,668 BBY, on the planet Hapes, Sirie was a beautiful young Hapan girl born to a lower class family. Not even 3 years of age yet, her family was killed during a Mandalorian raid against the Hapans under the rule of the Imperial puppet, Mandalore the Lesser. Orphaned during the raid, Sirie was fortunate in that a small Mandalorian party with no ties to Mandalore the Lesser happened to be in the Hapes Cluster on a trade run (for the sector was not yet sealed off from the rest of the galaxy). These Mandalorians heralded from Dxun, and were part of a community of Mandalorians formed upon the ideals of Mandalore the Preserver, and believing that the current Mandalore had betrayed the very ideals and beliefs of the Mandalorian people.

     Taken to Dxun, Sirie was adopted by a young Mandalorian couple from the Skatta clan and raised in the traditions of the Mandalorian people. A fast learner, Sirie learned the Resol'nare by which she would live her life as a Mandalorian, though it should be noted that the Mandalorians of Dxun did not acknowledge Mandalore the Lesser as Mandalor, instead having their own Mandalore who led them by the traditions that Mandorian society was founded upon. An only child in her new family, Sirie was taught her earliest lessons by her mother, and later taught by her father, befriending a lizardbat during this time. Trained to be physically strong and enduring, Sirie was every bit the warrior as any other Mandalorian by the age of 13. It was at this time, as is tradition, that Sirie underwent the verd'goten, where her skills were tested and she was declared an adult in Mandalorian society.

     Nearly seven years later, the Sith Empire manipulated their puppet, Mandalore the Lesser, and Dxun was attacked by the Mandalore's Mandalorians. While a great battle was fought, the Mandalorians of Dxun were greatly outnumbered and the clans were slaughtered. Spared the fate of her clan and friends because of a mission offworld, Sirie was devastated to find herself orphaned a second time. Well aware that Mandalore the Lesser was merely a puppet for the Empire, Sirie swore to avenge her family as any Mandalorian would... she would wage war against the Empire and defeat them.

     For the next couple of years, Sirie worked as a bounty hunter, taking on any job where she could stick it to the Empire. This led to her making a few ties in the Republic, and eventually she was discovered by a Jedi Master who sensed her great potential in the Force. While hesitant to allow a Mandalorian to train, the Jedi Council agreed to it and Sirie began her life as a Jedi. While Sirie learned to wield the Force quickly, and shined as a lightsaber combatant, she struggled with the lifestyle of the Jedi, and the Jedi continued to struggle with her Mandalorian background. Sirie did eventually make it to Tython, where she was taken on as an apprentice by Master Orgus Din, but her anger toward the Empire has remained.

     Since leaving Tython, Sirie has returned to wearing her armor, which is red and gray to symbolize her honoring of her father and grieving the loss of her loved ones. Placing a red crystal in her lightsaber, which has garnered much criticism from her fellow Jedi, Sirie has become a scourge to the Empire, killing every Imperial she encounters in the name of her clan.

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